About Me

photo by absolute photography.

Thanks for stopping by The Mango Kid, a making it from scratch blog. From food to DIY, I’m making it with love.

My incredible parents and grandmother taught me how to cook and be resourceful growing up. My dad taught me independence and that there are no rules when it comes to cooking. A recipe is just a guideline. My mom passed down her hippie spirit and resourcefulness. She taught me that you can make a lot of things more affordable and better than what you can get in the stores. From my grandma (or “Gramma” as I like to call her) I learned that there is beauty in everyone and everything. She told me when I was young, “everyone has something beautiful about them.” My wonderful new husband  has taught me how to love and be loved. The most valuable lessons are passed down from family.

Making things from scratch was something that runs in our family. When it’s made with love how bad can it be?

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