My soon to be sister-in-law and I have done a lot of bonding over the years over avocados. When ever we have dinner together which is usually at least once a week, we always somehow sneak avocados into the meal. When dinner is at our home I usually make some sort of avocado dip, and I make a lot of it too because it seems that no matter how much I make there is never any left over.


This is the easiest recipe I think I have ever made, other than toast with butter and even that takes longer to make than this delicious dip. I’m not sure if I have ever made it exactly the same but the basic ingredients are the same: avocado, cream cheese and sour cream. The rest is what ever I find in my kitchen.

In  a food processor blend until smooth 2 avocados, 1/2 package of light cream cheese and 1 cup of sour cream. I’ve added everything from lemon or lime zest and juice to Parmesan cheese to fresh garlic and red onion. You could add any fresh herbs and spices that you like or your favourite cheese. Heck, feel free to add sun dried tomatoes, olives or even chili flakes to it to make it your own or to pair nicely with the rest of your meal. And like everything I do always remember to season it with some good ole salt and pepper.

Try it out and let me know what special twist you put on your avocado dip! It’s great with whole wheat chips, veggies or even to use in tacos.