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Some times when you’re cooking things can get a bit crazy. The end product sometimes isn’t at all what you thought it would be be when you decided to make dinner. For example: the other night I decided to make spaghetti for dinner for some friends of ours. I made the marinara sauce and then Evan asked if I could put some double smoked sausage into it. Simple right? Wrong. Dinner became spaghetti casserole topped with double smoked sausage and Camebert cheese.

Yah...it was supposed to be just regular ole spaghetti.

I started the marinara sauce in the afternoon. The longer it has to simmer the better the flavor I think. Once the pasta was cooked I mixed it with the marinara sauce in a large casserole dish and layered the double smoked sausage, Camembert cheese and grated Parmesan cheese and baked it for about 20 minutes, until the cheese was melty and delicious. This is a really good dinner that feeds a lot of people with not a lot of food, and it’s kid friendly too. The next time I do something like this I think I will do a cheese sauce so the pasta holds together better. This way was a bit difficult to dish out but it sure did taste good! I think that and the way it came to be is worth sharing. I’ll share my next attempt too so stay tuned!