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Steps 1, 2, 3 & the finished project.

I really wanted to try making an outdoorsy stick candle holder that I saw on a craft blog site a while ago. I love any kind of “bringing the outdoors in” kind of décor (I think it’s my inner hippie that I inherited from my mother). I headed to Michael’s and stocked up on some crafting supplies (if I’m going to do this blog I figure I might as well do it right)then headed to a small park to gather some sticks…in the pouring Vancouver rain might I add. Since it was pouring out and I’m impatient, I dried the sticks in front of our fire place which was quite a challenge to keep my kitties away from.

I broke/cut the sticks into approximately 4” pieces. The more uneven the pieces the more rustic it will look. Using a hot glue gun I attached the sticks to a clean, dry pickle jar starting from the bottom. I saved the smaller, thinner sticks for filler once I went all the way around the jar. I cut a piece of gold faux leather about 1 ½ “ wide and long enough to go around all of the sticks on the jar.

To make the bow: cut an oval out of the same fabric about 7-8” long and 3-4 inches wide.  Glue a small rectangle piece around the middle to keep it together, and then fold the ends under to form the bow shape and glue together. Once dry you can glue it over the seam of where the strap meets.

Put in your favourite candle, light and enjoy.

I used a giant pickle jar but this DIY is easy to customize to whatever size jar you have on hand. It’s a super easy and quick DIY to do on a rainy day.