My choice for a hot toddy.

When my sister and I were kids and we had a cold, my mom would always make us a hot toddy.

Her recipe was white rum (just a little bit…we were kids after all), fresh citrus fruit juice (whatever she had in the kitchen), honey and hot water.

She always said the citrus is good for your immune system and kills germs, the honey and hot water soothe the sore throat, and the rum makes you sleep well so you can get better. I guess it was her way of justifying serving booze to a kid.

Now that I live on my own I still get colds. I found myself making my own hot toddy: steeped apple cider tea, honey and whiskey. With that being said, the whiskey has now made it from “just a little bit” to a big girl 2oz pour.

I should sleep well tonight.